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Writer's Block: Wintertime is here

How do you feel about the winter holidays? Has your opinion changed over the years?

It's Summer here! Gotta love living in the southern hemisphere.

I would like to forget this day

It's been crap, crap and more crap. But I am glad I have friends like Crusher and JW. And many others too. Did make me think about a few things. Heck, at one time I was thinking about leaving the board. Or finding somewhere else to post.

Anyways time for sleep.
In case anyone didn't know ... I am not 32 years old anymore, nor do I live in Sydney.

I really should get a new photo for here, but that would mean breaking my personal rule of no photos of myself online at the moment. 

Anyways, life is good in Newcastle.

To trekbbs ... no poker

So it seems that trekbbs has been down most of the day. And I decided to see about playing some poker on facebook - and that won't load for me either.

Oh well ... anyways gonna head back home.
Yep, it's something I'm gonna do when I'm down there on the weekend after it opens.  My plan is to see the movie on Sunday 10th May, and have a meetup before or after the movie.  There is a thread here, or contact me on facebook.
With the rugby league Grand Final being around 2 days and I so want Manly (a team I hate ... like everyone else) to win. I'm sick to death of hearing Melbourne players complaining. Plus Steven "Beaver" Menzies deserves to go out with a premiership. Great player.

Some Sonny Bill Williams jokes

I found these on facebook, as what he was low.  The guy is one big joke

Q: How many Sbw's does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. Sbw prefers to keep people in the dark

Q: Whats the difference between SBW and Arnold Schwartzenegger?
A: Armold Schwartzenegger will be back.

Q: Why wouldn't sonny bill ever catch his best mate with his girlfreind?
A: Sonny bill doesnt walk in on his mates, He walks out on them

Q: Whats the difference between SBW and my house?
A: My house still has fans

Q: What do the bulldogs and Cher have in common?
A: They've both been f#$ked by Sonny

Testing something with LJ and Facebook

Seeing if this application which I installed works with new posts here.

A problem with trekbbs??

Not sure, if anyone is having problems, but all the sites keep getting Problem Loading Page.  I cleared my cache, and can view other sites.  So is anyone else having problems.  I plan to reset my modem, before I leave for a few hours.

Where to now?

So I'm a little overweight.  I just had enough of my family reminding me about it.  Need to find a job where I'm happy. 

I hate myself!